SPUTNIK 2...Welcome to the future..
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Went to see The Montecrists tonight -loved it! Not electronic RnR, but just really good, classic choons: 1950s with a dash of Sputnik. I urge you to get on board - Neal X is rocking it!
great m8 lets hope they do a date in Scotland worring note theres no note of a gig at ivory blacks nor tkts available yet 1 month to gig chase those guys up please......only on this site and the docs.......
nice 1 lets hope ya get a good crowd been ages see ya there............any plans for the Saturday night/sunday night...........Edinburgh etc
link not there on ivory blacks website.....nothing for 31 on there face book page........link here does get you a tkt but they need to add and update there own webpage / facebook page.........checked today at 925pm
In the hope that this doesn't turn into another rank about Scotland by "Sputnik" (a vain hope I fancy!), if you haven't already, check out Neil X's, The Montecristos on FB: have a look and listen: their Kickstarter album was released electronically yesterday and it's a blinder!! C21 RnR mixed with Eddie Cochran.

They are having a crazy release party/gig on 26 March in London, with magicians, jugglers and all sorts - sounds like it might be fun!
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