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just wanna wish  martin johan  will and loyd amerry sputnik christmas  and to all the sputnik fans aswell  cant wait for the london gig in january saturday the 10 th make sure we repersent  last time at the elektro werkz martin rocked it.merry christmas sputnik fans and friends everywherehave a great christmas.
i second that hope its a good one next year scarry thought next year will be 30 YEARS OLD AS a group 1985-2015.......would be good to see flaunt it and dress for excess in a  2 pack deluxe cd which the record companys do from time to time with out takes and demos even a dvd of the albert hall gig etc....anyway bagged my tkt next year for u2 hydro gig £100......yikes and that was a cheap one £180 was the dearest tkt.....that's a tener a month till nov....sure it will be worth it gaga was,
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