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Thanks Del! I will.
If i remember correctly we are down to the last 7 tracks over 4 weeks.
So am I up to date with 39 ?

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Not at home now, will have to check for yuou later if no one else comes on... but it does sound right. 
Think total is gonna be 44, so I guess I'm a bit off with thinking there are 7 tracks left.
true chris but theres no imput from anybody else,u must have sore fingers and crossed eyes by now mate,

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Originally I was hoping more people would join in and give their views, however long or short, on the blogs and DemoBomb songs. I thought it could be a fun discussion thing for all of us to participate in, but no such luck.

However, even if that was the case, I would probably still write long posts sometimes, as I enjoy doing it.
I also see from the "hit count" on this board that it's not unusual for the thread to have 100 hits in a week, so even if people aren't contributing their own views much, at least they're reading them :-)

Hehe... Don't know if I would keep this up if the DemoBomb was never ending, but we are down to the last few weeks now and I am still enjoying posting my views, so no reason to quit now. 

...and don't worry about me getting out. I spend a few hours every week on this thread, but I have plenty of time to get out.

At the moment I am wondering most about the songtitles mentioned in the History part of Sputnikworld, that I thought would be part of the DemoBomb. Not sure all of them were demoed, but a few of them are at least mentioned as being recorded and there is no space for them in the 1 - 44 thing the DemoBomb is up to now. I hope they go on posting songs after 44 as well.
1. Wang Wang Wang
2. Hag in a black leather jacket
3. In the Ghetto
4. Moscow Rocks
5. Rockit Miss USA  (early version without chorus)


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And, I hope, "Martian Babylon", as mentioned on the original Sputnikworld !!! Also my fave on Deg's "Resurrection" EP !! Let's demand/beg  more from all !!!!!!

7. The nightmare of Neal X
8. 21st Century Boy (Horses)
9. This Is Terrorvision

There are a bunch of other songtitles flying out there too and I am sure the real SSS demoed more songs for the Next Generation project than what ended up on The Sci-Fi Sex Stars CD.

Hey, by chance, did anyone print out the Unreleased Song list from the original Sputnikworld?
If you have the time to put down all the titles that haven't been released yet, it would be cool.

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BTW... Seems like you're up to date with 39 songs. 

There are 36 on the Soundcloud, but Sex Bomb Boogie Sputstyle was pulled from there and the 2 versions of Ultraviolence have not been put up yet, so that's a total of 39.
Means 5 songs left to go, unless Tony digs up the rest.

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Found the old sputnikworld and this is the list of unreleased songs I have so far

If anyone else know of songs, or mixes, please copy paste list and continue with
numbers so we end up with a full list and not just songtitles spread over a
million posts.

1. Wang Wang Wang
2. Hag In A Black Leather Jacket
3. In The Ghetto
4. Moscow Rocks (Jailhouse Rock with new lyrics)
5. Rockit Miss USA (early version without chorus)
6. Martian Babylon (The big guitar part.. a first album bside to be revived and
finished maybe....)
7. The Nightmare of Neal X (most rare version of Success, I believe)
8. 21st Century Boy (Horses)
9. This Is Terrorvision
10 - 11. 2 unreleased mixes of Razz Crazy
12. Bi-Bi Love (Transex song from the early 90s)
13. Memo From Turner
14. Sci-Fi Lover (seems there is a proper studio version of this as well)
15. Success (with greed is good speech.... officially released, but rare)

They probably demod up more of the Next Gen project with Martin as well...
anyone know?

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This week's blog is all about touring and once again Tony let's us in on the "behind the scenes" life of Sputnik. 
It's interesting to read what went on and how the different members took to touring. Once again one is left with the "what if..." the band had a manager to work with them. Having been on a bunch of tours myself, although not on the level SSS were at in their prime, I can relate. 
Touring is the second best thing about being in a band when all is well within the band, but not as much fun when it's not. 
You spend all day and night with your bandmates, and whoever else is on the tour, and when things are good, it's like being outlaw cowboys or pirates (space pirates in SSS's case). You ride into a town somewhere in the world and your whole perception of that place is based on the 24 hours you spend there and the people you meet... and those people's whole perception of you is also formed in that time. 
The next day you get up and head for the next town, next gig and next set of people... and so it goes. 
It's inevidable that you get tired. You spend most of the day travelling, which anyone who's been on holiday will know is exhausting after a while.
You get to where you are going, do the load out and soundcheck. If there is enough time you might do something or just go to the hotel and relax. If there's no time you'll hang out close to the venue and wait for the gig. The highpoint  of the day! You go to bed way too late and get up way too early. 
Your sleep cycle is chopped up into tiny pieces and you sleep when you can... usually while travling, sometime at the hotel before or after soundcheck, sometimes in the backstage before the gig and a little bit at night in the hotel... after the gig it's impossible to sleep. No matter how tired you are, you wanna meet people and party.
One of the best things about touring is watching how the machine (band and crew) gets so well oiled and just keeps getting better while everyone gets more tired and "out of it" mentally. At the first couple of shows load in, load out and soundcheck seems to take forever. The one in charge (tour manager or someone in the band) has to walk around and check on everything from the merch to where/how the bus/van is parked, meals etc... 
During the gig you have to check the set-list for the next song and, even if it's a ton of fun and all you wanna do, the gig seems kinda long, when knowing you have x amount of more shows to do in a row. The singer and backing singers are worried about whether their voices can take it and all that.
The breaks between the songs during the first shows sometimes get a little chaotic, but hopefully not so much that the audience notices.
Then things start to change... After the 3rd gig your voices are shocked, but still working great and you know that, if you don't get sick, that is the voice you're gonna have for the rest of the tour. Load in, load out and soudcheck get quicker and quicker with better sound than in the beginning. A little later the band all stop checking their set-lists, you know it all by heart and it works. Even if you decide to change a few songs during the course of the tour, or mix it up for different nights, you don't have to check on the set-list often anymore... you just know. 
Where you might have been struggeling to put enough energy into the non-musical part of your performance during the earlier shows, you're now just cruising it.
It's all so THERE and you can do it effortlessly... even if you sometimes throw up after or during the show. 
The sometimes awkward breaks between the songs vanish. When a song is finished the break is as much a part of the show as your best songs.
Some of rock'n'roll history's best song introductions are starting to emerge, organically, from conversations backstage, during transport or at the party and they are delivered with immaculate precicion. Even when they are completely changed and don't even end on the same line the next night. The whole band will know when the song starts and there won't be a millisecond of awkwardness. It's Panzerdivision rolling out on full force and it's the best feeling in the world. 
All of this is happening while you, no matter how much or little you party, completely deteriorate as a human being.
You're going from being your usual self to becoming a touring rock'n'roll animal.
The machine is oiled, you get better and better at what you're there to do and as you're drifting further and further into that state of mind you're not able to function on other "levels" anymore. You don't notice this until it's already done, cause everyone you meet is there for the tour and don't know you from before... and the ones that do are travelling with you and going through the same process... and even that is fun.
I remember having a "moment" during one of the very last shows of a long European tour. A girl I had gone to school with came and checked out the Trashcan Darlings somewhere in Germany. She showed up for the soundcheck. I hadn't seen her in forever and she was talking about her boyfriend, her life in Germany and whatever while I was standing there with X amount of weeks old make-up still on my face, a beer in my hand, a shocked voice and couldn't get my mind out of touring and into a normal conversation... the rock'n'roll animal... I think it went without saying, but I explained the situation to her anyway and excused myself, so I could head back to the boys and continue.
Touring is the second best part of being in a band when everyone is into it, you're all on the same team and all enjoying it together. The machine is well oiled, you feel safe with your bandmates and crew, you know just by looking at people what kinda mood they are in or what they'll be up for and you're a bunch of Outlaws riding into town who all got eachothers backs and are living the dream. Arguements and bad stuff happens, but it's all ok as it's part of the growing legend of your band. 
When a band starts to break apart, touring is not as much fun anymore. The personal rifts get deeper when everyone is on the brink of exhaustion. People stop talking, almost doing anything to avoid interactions with other members, even about the show or other practical details concerning everyone. Some reply in sounds "uhhh" rather than words and you see in their eyes that they don't wanna be there anymore. Suddenly it all seems more like a military boot-camp (I can only imagine) than a tour. Where some in the band might have had more in common and hung out more together before, the band is now split into different fractions doing different stuff. You can't blame anyone, they're all just trying to survive, but when someone isn't having fun, even if they don't say it, it drags everyone down. All you can hope for is that someone is on the same wavelenght as you, so you can be in a fraction too and have a bit of fun. The shows are suffering, because someone doesn't wanna be there and even if the songs are played well enough the full force of the panzerdivision is a little reduced...hopefully not so much that anyone notices, but definitely enough for you to feel it and that's sometimes all it takes. 
I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to have a manager during those times. Would it be any different? Would it be any different for SSS if they had a responsible manager in charge of their tours? A fresh(er) set of eyes to mend breaking bonds between members, get a bit of the old team spirit going again, get everyone to focus on the common goals and all that? Or would the manager just further the distance by being the go-between that everyone would complain to and opening the door for that much more negative thinking by everyone ... I have no clue... If he is the right manager maybe he could make a difference? Who knows?
I tend to think that with businessdealings, planning ahead, being a coach and a go-between when everyone are themselves, the right manager can really come in handy, but with the 24/7 terrordome that is touring it might be more difficult.
I would like to know ca which date Tony's blog this time is from, but it seems the most focus is on the deterioration of the band.
Different fractions making different choices, alienating themselves and the rest of the band and carrying on. Still a very good read and let's face it: The end of a band is not what touring is all about. Touring is about that gang of cowboys riding into town, quickly overlooking what kinda debauchery there is to be had, having enough in-jokes to talk for days without anyone understanding a word, putting your bag on the floor and jumping on to the bed with the crispy new sheets, making last minute plans on how to make tonight's show even more exciting, getting better and better at everything and doing ti all as a band... That's touring to me.
... not that there isn't fun to be had when the band is not doing good too. The group just breaks into smaller fractions where only 2 people in the van wil get the in-jokes and others feel left out and hey..... you can get a really good stage energy from channeling all your anger into the performance as well...
Not so much to comment on in Tony's blog this week, but again he painted a great picture and I thought I'd share some of my experiences as well, most of which I think are the same for any touring band... Maybe SSS too?
Oh... I said touring is the second best thing about being in a band. The best is of course writing songs and rehearsing/working on them til they are perfect. 
Nothing beats that feeling! And that leads us to this week's DemoBomb. 
I would be lying if I said this is my favorite style of music and that I'll be listening to this version alot, but with that being said it's a very interesting listen.
The first thing that strikes me is the sheer quality of the mix! Everything is crispy clear, has great punch and is all in all a stellar mix. 
That's one thing I loved about Sputnik and all the Moroder remixes (and the remixes they did themselves). Each mix had a lot of new original samples amd details and sounded brilliant. Nowadays any bedroom musician with a computer can do a remix and it often shows in the product. The soundquality and punch  is nothing like the original, there's not enough stuff from the original left in there and the "new" ideas often tend to be the same boring techno pre-sets that everyone uses.
Sputnik did great with their remixes! Hats off to both them and Moroder! The second thing that hits me is how 90's this mix sounds... way ahead of it's time. 
The dancebeat is exactly something that could have been heard on the radio in a 90's. I'm not so into most of that stuff and might be a little off, but I am thinking Happy Mondays, EMF, the none-rock Primal Scream stuff... stuff like that all seemed to have this beat in the 90's... and you know what. I think this version could probably have been a hit then too. It's a great mix for that style of music. I love all the extra soundeffects in this one too. The car crash at the intro etc.
It doesn't sound like the Sputnik we know and love, but it's still a very good mix in it's own right and very cool to hear. I hope the DemoBomb will also provide us with the Horses remix of 21st Century Boy, as that is quite possibly the best mix of that song... at least the craziest.... and that mix also kept everything that is Sputnik in the song. 
The Sex Pistols had several songs where the title was not the chorus. They were the first band I noticed who did that and since SSS took so much from the Pistols (Eddie Cochran riffs, Malcolm's way of giving interviews and a million other things) I always figured they had a song called Shoot It Up, then noticed Libya was about to be bombed and changed the title to have a song linked to a current news story (like the Pistols did when renaming No Future to God Save The Queen for the Queen's jubilee) and also having the mystery of a title that wasn't in the song..... how wrong I was!... or partly wrong. I still think that's what they did in the end, but I never knew they had worked hard on putting the title to use but never gotten it to work. Tony is right... the chorus is not happening and believe it or not, no matter how much of a great title Love Missile F1-11 is, it's not easy to write a chorus with it. First off it's 8 cyllables which makes it quite long,  the rhythm of the line is a little strange and hard to get a good melody and the word "Missile" is a word that can only be used in lyrics when it's exactly right (as SSS did perfectly on other occasions). 
Trying to make a great chorus using the title is a fun challenge though! I have not managed yet. Not that I'd use it for anything, but challenges are always good.
The first thing that would probably be needed in this song is a chord change for the chorus, since it doesn't sound like a chorus over the same riff. 
It might also be easier if the line is spilt up a bit, repeating different words and maybe never doing the whole line.
"Missile..... Love Missile... F1.....F1-11" Who knows?
SSS got great milage out of this demo though. As mentioned the bassriff turned into She's My Man, the title was used for the biggest hit and also very noticable is that the vocal melody was partly used again for M.A.D. "I got a rocket in my pocket..." "Shake it baby shake it...."
Another brilliant piece of the Sputnik story this one!
I'm close to giving up hope that we'll ever see the rest of the promised vintage t-shirts at this point and should probably stop going on about it, but:
Have you done your part?
Have you bought any of them?
Which one(s) and how many?
If you haven't, help a fellow fan out, will you. Buy a shirt so there can be a new design up for me! ...please...

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Had way too much to do this week, but hope to post the finished review of the last DemoBomb tomorrow evening if anyone is wondering. 

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After nearly 6 months of DemoBombs detonating every week, it has come to the end.
Time has gone by too fast and it's strange to think about how much of a Monday ritual the DemoBomb has become.
Pushing the refresh button every once in a while from mid day 'til it's finally online, to read the blog and download the songs right away. 
Especially after Soundcloud pulled Sex Bomb Boogie (Sputsyle), due to some automatic SoundCloud copyright program, downloading the tracks immidiately has been mandatory at the Doll House. 
So, what did we get? We got 23 blogs alternating between snapshots of different parts of SSS life and indepth behind-the-scenes close-ups of the creation of all the elements that became Sputnik. Everyone of those blogs have been great! Tony has a way of painting pictures with his words and you can almost smell stuff like a cold beer outside Pindock Mews after a long day of rehearsing. I enjoyed all the blogs a lot, but my favorites were the ones where he dived into things like how he compiled all the voice-samples, the design of the single covers etc... All those things that just fit together so well with Sputnik. We got background stories, inspirations and everything behind them as well. And unlike some bands, who have a cool coseptual "feel," but where the magic is lost when they talk about it too much, Sputnik's concepts just get cooler the more you know.
The last blog was the perfect end to the DemoBomb saga. Acknowleding everything, yet keeping it humble, honest and wishing everyone all the best. 
I guess anyone who's ever been in a band can relate.  I have the same feelings towards everyone I've ever played with. Some of them you might do something with again if the time is ever right, most you will not do anything with again, but having a sit down, some drinks and remembering everything with the fondness a little distance in time brings, is always welcome. 
Of course the chapter of this week's blog that got me most excited was the part where he says he might one day do a full biography. I hope he doesn't wait too long! We have gotten a lot of snapshots and insights over the years from the different Sputnikworlds, DemoBomb, History and interviews, but to have it all in a book telling the whole story from beginning to end and even more indepth details about the stuff he's touched upon before, would be so cool. When reading the chapter about the covers I just wanted him to continue and do indepth analysis of all the SSS covers. Also we have not heard much about the '00 reunion. How did it come about? How/why did it end? What really happened? Different fans have different stories, but to get it from the scource, in an official biography, would be great. 
I would also like to know what, if anything, happened during the course of the DemoBomb. At the start it seemed like the DemoBomb was a way to gear us up for a full band reunion. Tony gave all the ex-members a lot of compliments and seemed to have the very clear vision that the 85/86 was the REAL Sputnik... in one blog he even allowed himself to dream about a reunion show. Then the feel of the blogs changed slightly and the possibility of a reunion seemed lost. 
Maybe he was just getting a little tired of writing, maybe a reunion was never in the cards or maybe something happened behind the scenes that put a possible reunion to rest. Who knows, but I hope he adresses all these things in his book and I hope he doesn't wait too long with writing it. 
Biography writing is a long process, so lets cross our fingers that he starts soon. 
Musically we have gotten the good, the bad and the ugly from the DemoBomb. Unfinished jams of stuff that later turned into songs (Sci-Fi Lover acoustic), jams of stuff that was never intended to be a songs (Transvision Tramp and quite possibly Love Bytes), rare and interesting mixes of songs we all know (Sattelite, Moroder's Dance, Sex Bomb Boogie Sputstyle etc) and quite a few unreleased songs where I have been completely blown away, throwing my fist in the air while being dumbstruck that they never finished and released those songs. DiscoMania and Be Bop Electro are probably my 2 favorites, but there are almost enough good songs there for a whole new album. Most of them need a little work, but with a minimum amount of imagination any fan can hear the sheer magic buried in some of these tracks. 
I'd nominate:
1. Discomania 
2. Be Bop Electro
3. Surfin' In The City
4. Say I Love You A 1000 Times
5. Outa Space Kid
6. Whore Of Babylon
7. Space Punk Candy Man
8. Miss Universe
9. RockitHead
Even if they are great songs, Miss Universe and Surfin' In The City are maybe a little too DFE style to fit in with the rest of them, but it could work and it could very well be the best SSS album since Flaunt It with a Love Missile 12" like production. 
I have mixed emotions about the DemoBomb being over. It's been a great Monday ritual which I have enjoyed a lot over the last 6 months and I'm gonna miss it. My research has also coughed up maybe twice as many rumored unreleased songs and mixes still to go. Of course I would love to get all of them in a row right now, but I am also happy that the DemoBomb ends on a high-note. Tony's blogs didn't fade out in writers fatigue, the quality was there all the way through to the end and so many people, like me, have sat there every Monday and downloaded and read as soon as it was online. 
The DemoBomb really went out with a BANG, which is good.
There are already rumors of a DemoBomb box set, which will hopefully include all the rest of the songs we are hoping for in deluxe packaging, with a book and all that. I hope it doesn't take too long. Since the reunion ended SSS have done very little and many, like me, are worried that it will be forever til we see anything more from them now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! There's so much stuff I hope they put out so I might as well start a list. Feel free to contribute if there is anything you hope to see as well:
1. The rest of the Vintage T-Shirts
2. The DemoBomb Box set (preferably on vinyl)
3. Tony's biography
4. Dress For Excess - the 12" mixes on double 180g vinyl
5. A deluxe version of Flaunt It on 180g vinyl in a box with a poster, a big booklet talking about all the songs and maybe a couple of 12" to collect everything that was out for that album...... or, even better, a second album with stuff like 21st Horses Mix etc and other brilliant unreleased mixes from that era.
6. A big coffetable photobook of the evolution of SSS, with the weight of the photos being from 85/86... Rex Features stuff and other classic shots. 
7. And what about those professionally filmed 80's shows? Any chance of a Blu-Ray release of f.i. the Abby Road gig? Or the one featured on the FirstGenVid version? South Of Watford and Bliss '85 on Blu-Ray with all the music videos and some old interviews as bonus? Royal Albert Hall filmed by MTV? A new documentary compiled from all the hours of unseen material Tony shot in the 80's with new interviews? Or why not put it all in a deluxe blu ray box set?
8. A 12" box with all the different 12" maxis
And of course I'm hoping for:
9. A BIG live reunion show with 6 members on stage at a big venue, 85/86 image and set-list, TV screens and a big show... also filmed and released on blu-ray
10. A brand new album featuring the best of the DemoBomb tracks and others in the style of Flaunt It. Staying true to the original vision and sound. 
..... As if SSS ever needed ideas for product, but here's my "Dear Santa/Tony..." anyway:-)
But first and foremost, the final DemoBomb is a chance to say THANKS! Thanks to Tony for finding all the tracks, writing all those blogs and giving it all away for free. Thanks to Shep for putting it up on the site and thanks to all the members of SSS for making the band happen.
It's been a great ride!
Here are the final DemoBomb song reviews:
I forgot to mention earlier how much I have enjoyed the DemoBomb blog parts that focuses on the songs. With a lot of the more unfinished stuff those blogs have been cruicial to understanding what we have been listening to, for a lot of the other songs it paints a great picture of the writing/recording of the song. A little behind-the-curtain peek at the Sputniks at work. Supercrook Blues is one of the rockier tracks from DFE. It's uptempo and utilizes the A / D / E / D / rock'n'roll chord combination (actually it comes up more like a G# on my guitar, but I'm guessing it's really in A). It does not have the 1-chord spacebass riff that made the first batch of songs so hypnotic, easy to improvise around and gave that tremendous release when Tony finally changed the chord for the chorus. The chord structure makes this more "set" in it's arrangement and poppier, but it's still a good song. Lyrically it's more of a chaotic story-telling song, than an actionpainting of a million sci-fi movies playing at once and it comes across as a little "nicer" than the early stuff, both because of the chords, vocal melody and lyrics. I love the verses. They have a great rhythm and feel, but I never thought the title or chorus was as good. Worth noting is how good this demo sounds. It's obvious that the boys were getting the hang of sound by this time and the song sounds almost finished. They haven't completely decided on when the drums will be half-beat yet and there are other small differences as well, which makes me glad they worked a little more on it before they released it, but as always it's very cool to hear and I know several SSS fans who have been hoping for a demo version of this all the way through the DemoBomb.
This is without a doubt my favorite of this last DemoBomb! I agree with Tony. It starts off promising, but doesn't really go anywhere.
I am sure they ran out of faith in this song and just left it to pursue other songs for Pirate Space and that might have been a good idea. 
Pirate Space is a different album and many songs that were "too like the old stuff" where dropped for that reason alone. 
However, the potential of this song is SCREAMING at you! It sounds total Sputnik, but the feel also reminds me a bit of The Jesus  & Mary Chain, which is another band I love. The 2 chords for most of the song thing, the vocal melody when it changes to the 3rd chord, the tempo and especially the high pitched synth sound and melody could have been something The Mary Chain could have done. 
I would of course have prefered this with more of a first album feel. First Generation spacebass sound and hard terminator drums (Damn! I'm like a broken record with this, but c'mon... that is the pure 85/86 SSS sound we all love so much). Wouldn't have to change the tempo or anything, but that would pack more SSS punch. It grows on you after awhile, but I am not completely in love with the break part of G / A / C / C / B / D (used for the intro and chorus). I think it breaks up the song a little too much where it could have been floating along, especially on the chorus. Instead I am hearing the track going back to the G / G / C / C / chord combination of the verse with Neal, in typical Jesus and Mary Chain fashion, hitting a noisy, distorted, G-chord once at the beginning of it and let it ring out into massive feedback while sound FX and voice samples come in. Maybe with a high pitched donkey kong wood block sound playing a melody on top of it a few times, before it's taken down again for the next verse. I'm also not completely sure about the piano and melody sound. It's cool, but it takes up so much space in the mix. Might have been cooler with a thinner more immidiate sound, but one would have to test it with new bass and drum sounds first to see what happens. 
The middle eight that starts at 2:33 is pure magic. Not sure, but I think it's Neal whispering a very good melody in the background. 
The track needs a lot of arranging, elements in and out, to keep it interesting all the way through, but SSS proved with the brilliant finished version of Ultra Violence that they have mastered the art of arranging something simple to pure perfection and the stuff that is here is already so great. All in all this is a brilliant track waiting to happen. The chords are completely rock'n'roll, the vocal melody is excellent. It's classic SSS minimalist in structure. This is definitely one I hope they'll finish sooner or later. 
This is a title I have read a lot on people's lists, but I have never heard it. As Tony has stated in several blogs, sometimes just a title is enough to get what a song is about and this title was obviously meant for a defining SSS song. They are the Kings Of Electronic Rock'n'Roll and when they decide to use that as a song title it promises something iconic. The ultimate SSS track. The purest of the pure, the whole vision in one brief audio shockwave. The one that defines it all and ties it all together. Love Missile, but more of it and even more iconic... Quite a task to take on, writing a song like that after so many years. Did they manage? 
Not really... And I am thinking they might have felt the title promised something the track didn't deliver themselves too, since they recorded several versions and still never released it. A lot of thought has been put into this song. Even if it's a demo it's still a very complete song, definitely the most complex of all the 3 songs in this last DemoBomb, but it's still missing the mark as it doesn't sound very Sputnik. 
The first thing one expects from the defining SSS song is the classic 192bpm tempo, with terminator drums and a rockabilly spacebass riff. 
This is a rather groovie 70's type big rock riff that sounds more like Aerosmith/ Led Zeppelin than anything Sputnik.
The first time I listened to it I was waiting for the drums to double the beat and play faster with the spacebass following, but as the song progressed I kinda knew that wouldn't happen. The funny thing is that the song might have worked with the terminator groove. The guitarriff might have to be changed, but both vocal melody and chords would work in classic SSS tempo. A double beat would also open the door more easily for space echo on the vocals.
But putting the Title Vs. Song discussion aside, what are we getting?
We're are getting a brilliant song!
A lot of work has been put into it and it's a great piece of music. It starts off with that Aerosmith type guitarriff and the groovy big rock beat.
The classic element of alternating between backing and lead vocals on the verse works really well and lifts the verse a lot. 
The verse is in A and D and there are 2 verses in a row, only broken up by a guitarriff, before it changes a half-note step up to lift the chorus with the chords:
A# / F / C / C /
A# / F / C / C /
A# / C# / C / B / B / 
A# / A# / A# / A# / 
Quite a lot of chords and half note steps in that chorus for a straight rock'n'roll song, but it fits together perfectly and is a very well written chorus that sounds great.
Then it goes back to a single verse and another chorus before the solo part, which is a new riff in F, that also fits perfectly. 
Then the wonderful middle eight of 
Dm / Dm / C / C / 
A# / A# / F / F /
G# / G# / D# / D# /
A# / A # / C / C /
With a great vocal melody on top. The second part of that middle eight, where it changes the root note again, is the first time I'm thinking they might have overdone it a bit with inventive chord sequences, but it still works great, grows on you and is very Bowie-esque.
Then the song goes back to the chorus, but since the root note is changed the chorus is now higher. That is a common trick to give more punch to the last choruses, but because of all the note changes it's not that easy to spot here. The chords are:
C# / G# / D# / D# /
C# / G# / D# / D# /
C# / E / D# / D / D / D / D /
Then there is the tail of C# / C# / G# / G# / while Martin repeats the title 3 times before the wonderfully melodic outro riff of 
F / F / D# / D# /
A# / A# / C# / C# / 
With a wonderful guitar solo on top. That outro riff has grown to be one of my favorite parts of the song! BRILLIANT!
Sputnik should be proud of this song. It's quite possibly the most complex and well-written song they have ever done, from a songwriters point of view. 
The way they managed to get so many riffs and notes that don't ordinarily fit together so seemlessly into one song is fantastic.
The lyrics work well and you know you are listening to a good quality song. 
It doesn't sound very Sputnik though. It could have been a great track for Aerosmith or any number of those kinds of slow-beat blues based rock'n'roll bands, but it could also have worked for Sputnik as one of the "weirder" songs on Ultra Real... like Violence Is Funky or Fabolously Wasted.... songs that aren't particularily Sputnik, but kinda work anyway. I do think they should save the title for the ultimate defining SSS song though.... you know.... a bigger and purer Love Missile, if that is even possible, but the song might work. 
This was a great last DemoBomb! Seems perfect that they decided to go out with 3 songs and leave us with a proper BANG!
It feels a bit weird giving my views on this last DemoBomb. I intended this thread to be somewhere every fan could post their views on the DemoBomb every week. I was hoping for a lot of discussions about the tracks, the blogs and so on. I started it here, because this was the only SSS forum I knew of at the time. 
Not many have posted and the thread has turned more into "Chris' weekly review of the DemoBomb" than it's original intention. But seeing that the thread has nearly 2000 hits, I know a lot of people have been reading it and I have been told that Tony, and possibly Martin, are reading them as well.
Quite an honor! 
I believe in being honest, even when talking about one of your favorite bands in their "presence" and I felt the door was open for such honesty from Tony's very honest blogs and history part on the new site. At times I have been critical, as one is when being honest, but I sincerely hope that I have not offended anyone or stepped on any toes with these reviews. Least of all the members of Sputnik. I also hope that the underlying love and respect I have for SSS, has come through in all my reviews.
It's been a lot of work, but it's also been a lot of fun. 
I'm glad so many have read them and hope you all enjoyed reading them as much as I did writing them.
I'd also like to thank Martin for letting me keep this going on his forum.
And as long as the thread is open, everyone is still invited to contribute.
What were your favorite songs of the DemoBomb?
What products do you hope to see from SSS in the future?
A full band reunion at a big venue, for or against?
Rock on!
Thank you Chris, I really enjoyed your thoughtfoul comments.

And thanks to all who made this Demo Bomb experience possible.


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Thanks riotriot! :-)
got to say  tonys blogs were great and I was a little sad when  they ended and had a tear in my eye when he wish every one in the band good luck and wished them well .I was lucky to see them  at the albert  hall and the secret sci fi stars gigs back in the dayplus the Astoria sold out show  when succsess was releasedright up to the present day with martins super sputnik 2 .thanks to the whole band martin tony  neal x ray chris  and miss yannna yaya  it been a roller coast  space ride of a life time sputnik for life cheers .
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