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Thought I'd start a thread to discuss the DemoBomb songs as they are posted. 

A lot of us probably have millionth generation cassette bootlegs of several of these songs already, but now that they are mastered, sound cool and all collected in one place it makes sense to discuss them as they are posted. 

So whhat do you think?

Here are my thoughts:
Be Bop A Dub - I've had this one and another version of it forever, so to hear it now sounding great is really cool. Historically this is brilliant. Nothing sounded like it at the time and you can really hear the SSS sound developing. Musically it's completely chaotic and wouldn't be good on an album or a b-side from back in the day, but the chaos is kinda what makes it appealing now. You can hear the band looking for their sound and there are obviously no boundaries to anything. I'd like to say that it's the bass driving the song, but even that is in and out a few times. The fact that this is a covertune and not an original makes the chaos even more prominent as you have the original to compare it to. The first couple of vocal snippets are completely off beat and that's another chaos element. I love this! Brilliant tune and very cool that they managed to get the soundquality up so much. 

Dirty White Super Trash - This took a few listens to get into. The first times I thought it sounded a bit too poppy and I preffer SSS when they are more 50's rock'n'roll. BUT, once I got into it it really opened up and I've been listening to it non-stop today. The chords, even if there are a lot of them, are very rock'n'roll and it works perfectly. The icing on the cake for me is the vocals singing the line Dirty White Lover.... it just has a very good rhythm to it and also the last chord change (a B I think) at the end of every chorus. I understand why this didn't make it on to Pirate Space as it's far removed from the Trance elements SSS were flirting with on that record. I like a few songs off Pirate Space a lot, but I preffer this style to anything on that record. This would have been a very good addition to the Ultra Real CD. It's a demo, so of course it would pack more punch with a proper mix. More punch to the drums and a harder, more driving space bass sound, rather than the thin saw thing that is on there now, would have given it the power it deserves. I'm also thinking it could be cool, and sound less Zep, if X played the riffs on the 3 higest strings Chuck Berry style, rather than to use chords. This would give more power to the bass as well.... but I can't make up my mind about that as I do love the Zep riff as well. I've listened to this tune 9 times already today and when it's finished I'll put it on again:-)

So, fellow SSS fans, what are your thoughts on these tunes?

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Couldn't have put it better myself. Can't wait for the full collection.
Klaus Building

Surfin in the City now available ! 

great to see sputnikworld back lets hope degz can do something again with tony and neil,,,,as well as doing his own stuff too im sure it can be done put things behind yourself guys and move on lets get the sputnik wagon back on again.......great to hear those old tracks and bonus tshirts back on line again im glad somebodys listening to me and in xl size 2 looks like 2013 could be a good year...just need a gig in scotland ..........
ps i forgot about bowie 2 ...2013 great start............

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Like many of you I have had the other demo with the same title for years. I was expecting this to be that song with vocals. That one has always been one of my fave unreleased SSS tracks and quite possibly the coolest Chuck Berry style riff, of many brilliant ones, that Neal has ever done. I absolutely LOVE that riff. So this song already has pretty unbeatable competition:-) I'm hoping that song, with or without vocals, will also be part of the Demo Bomb as I'd love to have it with better sound. 

This song I had never heard before and I like it. I agree with Tony that it would have been better, less pop and more rock'n'roll if it had been faster and yeah...the beach boys vocals in there are way out of tune, but the more you listen to it the less attention you pay to those elements and you are left with a really good song. This easily beats a lot of the stuff that was included on Dress For Excess. 

The whole song has a pretty straight forward Beach Boys feel to it and I guess that's intentional as it's about Surfing after all:-) The chorus (Rocket fuel keeps on burning etc) is nicked from "Proud Mary," but that is also something you pay less and less attention to the more you listen to it. 

I like this one a lot! Maybe not as much as Dirty White Super Trash, not sure yet, but it's still a brilliant song and I am surprised that it has never been included anywhere. It's not up to the standard of Flaunt It or Electronic DNA, but it's easily better than several songs from all the other records. I love it!

What surprises me more is that they never re-used the title and concept for another song. Surfin' In The City is just SOOOO SSS! I can clearly imagine the Bladerunner sci-fi city where SSS looking cyber punks are surfin on the roof of flying cars with the cops on their tail. That idea is a like a whole movie and extremely SSS.

I knew there were good unreleased tracks that would come in this demo collection, as I have some of them already, but I had no clue they would be as great as the stuff we've gotten so far. I find myself hoping that the Demo Bomb will get a physical release at some point. As a double/triple factory pressed CD and vinyl with a great looking cover and a booklet telling the stories of the songs and more great photos. 

...it's still allowed to dream:-)

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Seriously guys! Doesn't anyone have any comments about the Demo Bomb songs??? To me this is like xmas eve every Monday when a new track is posted... Is it one I already heard, or a brand new one? Will it be a good one? What makes me feel the way I do about the posted song etc.

If no one is as excited as me, that's fair enough, but I would be thinking more of you would be dead excited about this and if you are... Please post your views. The Demo Bomb thing will go on forever, as 1-2 songs are posted every week and there's what... 37 songs total. Thats a very long xmas eve:-)

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SUCCESS (demos)
The band changed from a cold war and technology fuelled Blade Runner / Mad Max 2 street gang, to more of an ordinary 80's disco pop band with this album. There are still great songs on DFE and I wouldn't have missed it for the world, but Success, Rio Rocks & Orgasm have always been my least favourite. Too poppy and "ordinary" for my taste. With Success it has a lot to do with the S,A&W production and the typical 80's pop music video, but in reality it's also the song. The vocal melody, the lyrics, the ordinary pop song structure that leaves no room for extended effects or samples... It's just a "nice" pop song that might as well have been done by Wham.

Matt's Board Mix is only slightly different from the finished version and don't spark much interesst, but DAMN was it cool to hear that very early demo!:-) It's still the same song, but it sounds so much more SSS. So much more crazy and over the top. So much more rock'n'roll!

That original spacebass line makes it all the more chaotic and hyptnotic at the same time. The space echo on the vocals, which always sounded kinda forced on the finished version, sound like real SSS here.
The guitar is horribly out of tune, but that doesn't matter... it's a demo.

I doubt this would have been a fave in any version, but it would have been so cool to hear a properly recorded crazy dub version of it.

Tony posted somewhere that S,A&W did a version of it without guitars. That would have been very interessting to hear, especially since we know the band and the producers were having a power struggle while recording it. Then we'd have an idea of what the band version would be like with this early demo, what the producers version would have been like with a version without guitars and then of course the "middleground" which is the released version. 
yeah loving all the tracks hope it comes out on cd  to buy  ad love all the video s rio sucks  those sputnik boys partied hard out there in brazil  great to see the whole band having it large ad playing some big venues.the band  are original  and still  sound great  keep the demos coming boys  much love to both sputnik camps still a vision of the future  keep it rocking dudes.
Hi Chris,

Really enjoying your interpretations of these songs. Keep it up ! I am also hoping Tony releases this in some fashion. Ideally a double CD with a DVD and maybe a book, Autographed would also be nice. If it's finances, he could always get people to pledge first. Sure i have seen various artists do this before.
Finally, thanks Tony if you are reading this.


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Thanks! Love the feedback guys. Was hoping more people would join in and post their views as songs are posted, but I'll keep going anyway:-)

A SSS box set would have been brilliant. If it's limited edition (which those things always are) and well done, they could charge a lot for it too and it would still sell. A huge book with pictures, story of the songs, complete discography of all the different versions of the releases, pics of all the early merch and other notes, lots of CDs... the Demo Bomb stuff on some CDs, the proper remixes that aren't released yet (horses etc) on other discs, maybe a great sounding live show from the early days a DVD with all the pomo videos, Bliss 85, South Of Watford, more classic live stuff and then some merch to finish it up (button, sticker, expensive looking metal pin etc) all packed in a big vinyl sized box with embossed original SSS logo on. Ahhhh... I would have paid good money for that:-)

This is one of the songtitles that has been flying around forever, but few people have ever heard. I know someone got the original lyric for it and has posted pics on the net. I think Tony mentioned the title 3 SputnikWorlds ago and so on... I know I had never heard it. 
And the funny thing is that I always thought the first songs Degville and X wrote were some of the ones that ended up on Flaunt It. Turns out there was original songs going on even before that too.

To be honest I am quite impressed, when taking into account that Martin and Neil hadn't written much before. The E/B/Fsharp/A riff, with the tail of Fsharp...x2/A/B is a good chord combination and the vocal melody works really well. The high strung guitarriff brings a lot to the song as well. I can't really work out the lyrics, but what I get of it produces a good feel. This is typical English rock with a little bit of pop and punk in there and I like a lot of bands like that (London Cowboys etc). 

It doesn't really sound like the Sigue Sigue Sputnik we all love though. If this had been a later track I guess I would have critized it for straying too far from what I love about the band and being too ordinary, but it still has a much darker feel than that of the later stuff when SSS would venture more into pop.  

Also worth noting is that this song doesn't have a chorus, but it works really well without it. Mostly because  of the tail of chords at the end of each round. 

The dub version is also fun, but when listening to it it's bleeding obvious that the great dub of SSS would never have been as great as it was with these type of songs. When SSS went back into 50's rock'n'roll and made their 1-chord-for-as-long-as-possible classics, they had a lot of room to put dub effects, echo and stuff on there and make it part of the song for real. They'd just hammer out the chord and let the effects go about their business and it all blended together so well, but since this is more of a conventional song you are left with a track that goes on in the background while the effects just cancel out  most of the vocals and it doesn't really blend together. 

My verdict is that it's a good pop/rock song that could easily have been a hit in the mid 80's and would also have worked well on later SSS albums, but I am glad they worked on their sound more before they went public.

Can't wait for the next one and hope Tony posts 2 songs this week too!
but I'll keep going anyway:-)

yes, pleaz keep it on. much appreciated.

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This is great fun, isn't it !!??! And many fans gave up on ever hearing any of this - not me ! I have been checking Yahoo sputnik, original Sputnikworld, and of course here almost every day for last 10 years for any SSS at all ! I hope all parties keep the momentem going. My biggest hope is for new studio material with all 3 SSS's involved !!

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Yeah, this is definitely cool! I think my latest SSS kick started either with the release of EDNA or just before that... and has been going steadily since, I love what Martin has been doing lately and finally getting the Demo Bomb and the vintage T-shirts from Sputnikworld is a dream come true. I find myself also enjoying Tony's writings that are posted with the Demo Bomb a lot. He gives good insight into the songs, which makes them even more fun to listen too, but I also love the other stuff he's writing there a lot. I hope all the text is collected in the end as I'd like to have it and so far have forgotten to copy it while it was online. 

What is Yahoo Sputnik? Is that something that's still going?
You have got to be kidding. Nobody has kept Tony's re-interpritations (is that actually a word) !!!
They are priceless. Tony please make these available. I love the small details.
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